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ABOUT  eternal momentos photography

About me pages are always, so cliche'! Some photographer babbling on about their love for photography and sharing those special moments. LOL! So, I decided to tell my real story. 

I really did fall in love with photography at an early age, but had no interest in portraits. Honestly, if a photographer tells you he or she did not envision being a National Geographic Photographer they are lying! Don't hire them! Kidding! This was my dream! I used to wake up early on a Saturday morning, not to watch cartoons, but to watch a wildlife photography show, which I can not recall the name. I dreamed of visiting far and exotic lands and capturing amazing photos that were featured on the cover of National Geographic.


In my teenage years, I fell in love with shooting concerts! I would attend local punk rock shows (much easier to get into back then) and burn through rolls of black and white film and skip class in high school to spend all day in the darkroom ( yes, I am one of those who loves the smell of developer).


I took a hiatus from photography for a few years and moved to West Palm Beach in 2000. Florida is an amazing place for Wildlife Photography, so my reoccurring dream of becoming a Nat Geo photographer returned and I starting shooting wildlife again, but quickly got bored of photographing birds and alligators.

In 2011, my nephew Kayden was born and my brother asked me to take a few photos. Afterwards he spoke with me about becoming a portrait photographer and this is where my journey began.

Since, 2011 I have began shooting weddings, events, and portraits. Not to sound cliche' , but it really is a beautiful thing capturing those special moments in peoples lives!

Concerts? Can't give that one up yet!


Bret Hunter

Eternal Momentos Photography

West Palm Beach, FL.

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